Waiting for the Wyrms

That Tower would sure look bigger...

When we last left our heroes, our mildly inebriated wizard was discussing the phallic nature of the tower that stood before them. The group left the boats and headed up the banks into the forest. Hector seemed to trip as they neared the top. The muddy bank gave way beneath him and he tumbled back to the boat. The wizard shook himself off and ran to the top of the hill, seemingly to rejoin his comrades. He stopped short, proceeded to turn around and purposefully tumble back down the hill… repeatedly…

Locks looked to Mirrorhilt, asking what they should do. The consensus seemed to be to leave him to his vices and trudge on to the tower. With a wry grin, Rendar looked to the other two, “What are the odds he’s still doing this when we get back?.” With a chuckle, the group took to the road through the forest.

The trip to the tower was uneventful and the group came to a clearing around the area. Attempting to infiltrate the tower, guarded by both orc and drow, Hilt, disguised as a drow spoke with the lone visible guard. After some confusing conversation, in which the question was asked “Are you have cheese on the tower?” the drow caught on to the imposters and attempted to flee to warn his kin.

Quickly Locks was able to snipe the sentry from his post on the roof of a nearby building, however the spider familiar of the guard was able to warn the orcs behind the building and a ruckus soon broke out. After dispatching the guards, the group entered the tower.

A stone carving to Bane adorned the center of the main floor, as well as a pool to the back of the room. There were stairs leading in either direction. The group took the low road, heading to the crypts.

After perusing a few mausoleums, some incoherent mumbling was noticed. It was the rambling of a seemingly insane Orc Necromancer, who had brought some minion skeletons back and was babbling about “Never taking her from me.”

The necromancer never stood a chance, the group dispatching him with ease and freeing Andrelan, a man who identified himself as a member of the Silverymoon guard.



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