Changeling Swordmage



Found in the wild by a prominent yet retired fencing instructor, “Hilt” was taught the ways of the sword and the ways of human at an early age. Since the first time he saw his father, “Hilt” copied the like of his new found father until his first youth fencing tournament. Where he found himself facing a young half-elf. This tournament was to be not only a rude awakening of his true lineage but also of his newly found gift with swords and magic. During this tournament upon seeing this half-elf he immediately began to change his body features and face. Not knowing this he kept on fencing. Everyone was astonished except for his beloved father who was the only one who knew the truth. His father called him to his side before his next match and said to him that this would be his most proudest moment of his life knowing how well “his” son was doing and to never forget what he has taught him. During the final match, “Hilt” faced a half-orc named Sheath and once again began to change his features without knowing it. Right before the half-orc laid the finishing blow to the overwhelmed “Hilt”, he vanished and teleported to the opposite side of the circle. Both combatants’ confused and dazed tried to figure out what happened but before “Hilt” new it he pointed his weapon at Sheath and lightning spewed from it grabbed him and pulled him towards his weapon finishing the match. From then on “Hilt’s” father sent him to the most prestigious swordmage academies he could find and also a wizard tutor to help him understand his changeling powers. By the end of his first class year, “Hilt” found out that his father had died. Quickly leaving the academy he rushed home to find his father’s service all but ended. A grieving “Hilt” walked to the only home he ever knew. Upon his return he found an envelope with his name on it and a strange old mirror. Inside was a letter that his father had wrote to him saying how proud he was of him. Knowing somehow that “Hilt” would not want to return to the academy his father suggested for him to travel the world and figure out his own powers and prowess. While reading the letter, he began to take his father’s facial features, once completed he noticed the mirror began to shine and his father appeared inside of it reading the letter to him as if he was there in the room. After the letter was finished his father gave him a new name that was better suited for a roaming adventure, Mirrorhilt.


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