Revolving around a cast of four characters:

Changeling Mirrorhilt, humans Locks, Hector Darkmagic and the half orc Rendar

The Sword Coast and surrounding areas have been under siege from Grey Orcs and Drow. The gods are in a frenzy, the cities are in a state of unease and our heroes are looking to aid the cause of the Delzoun Dwarves.

Currently our adventurers are within the Lonely Tower at the northern region of the Moonwood. Silverymoon and Adbar are requesting their aid.


Last time on D & D. Locks once again has problems getting his dice off. Luckily for him his bow stays strong and shoots people from the roof of a building. Our half orc palidan decides to take on as many enemies as possible. The swordmage attempts to play with fire. And of course our magic user is to busy shitting doves while attempting to sled down a hill to care. What will happen next time? And when will next time happen?

See: Adventure Log for Synopsis.

Waiting for the Wyrms

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